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Zero Code Framework
SaaS Platform
About the Client
The client is a leading outsourced services partner in the field of Integrated Smart Security solutions based out of Singapore, they also specializes in Aviation security. is a leading that designs, builds and operates multi-disciplinary smart security and integrated services. Their multi-service offerings leverage the strong heritage in security, augmented by applied AI solutions. These solutions are part of our comprehensive technology development and systems integration capabilities that are fully cyber secure by design.
To build–or to buy? That is (quite literally) the million-dollar question. This battle between building vs. buying a mobile software solution is nothing new, and if you’ve ever found yourself at this crossroad, you know it is a difficult place to be. This debate can quickly become daunting when you start to consider the numerous factors influencing this decision, which is why we want to break it down for you. Most of these decisions are taken based on Time & Resources, Cost and Infrastructure Maintenance.
“Who doesn’t want to turn a Business Idea into reality in Minutes?”
What if we say you don’t have to make any such Build or Buy decisions any more? Why not a SaaS platform where you don’t need to be puzzled about Time, resources and Infrastructure cost to build and maintain a software application from scratch? Come build a secure and responsive application the way you like on your own terms.

The customer was looking for a product that can enable their customers who’re not from a Tech background to build Custom software applications irrespective of Technologies and Data source used and with no tech team and publish Applications independently.
The Solution
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The solution is a low-code white labeled platform that supports an Organization to use this application to create set of micro services, categorize them under a service groups within a project, allowing user to upload source code of any programming language. It also provides ability to orchestrate the services as an application and show visually as flow chart allowing for service discovery and also dockerisation of the service(s). Each screen can be customized to show dynamic fields, sections, groups as needed for the different resources. Also allows user based theme selection of the application to reflect across all the screens. Collaborate with teams seamlessly and give them access to only the projects, Applications and Services that are required.
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Create complex workflows using event-based triggers and conditional switching to represent the actual business process flows.
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Tech Stack
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