A quick sneak peek into a small world similar to many yet one of its kind, Diatoz is more than a workplace, It's rather a family and a community of passionate individuals united by the same vision, and going ahead you'll find out why!!


One by one we settle onto our favorite corners, couches, bean bags, desks with motivation levels at peak followed by attending calls, booking meeting rooms, daily stands, checking emails, planning the Todo list for the day.

Had enough of planning already!! In a while, the Aroma of tea and coffee is quite tempting and they all rush for the dose of freshness. Some go for board games or for a smoke to fuel up, whereas some run behind following up for their dependencies and discuss a problem-solving approach scribbling on the whiteboard, followed by the “tac-tac" of keystrokes echoing from all over the place creating a rhythm which is unique to each developer.

We often go out for Team lunch to strike a balance and have a cycle of work – play -eat – repeat. We celebrate even the smallest success, and raise a toast towards a promising future, Wait…… but why do we even need a reason to hang out or order food when we have our workplace around Mojo Pizza, Biryani Zone, Social Dhaba, and the list goes on, we work hard and party hard, living life to it's fullest.


Ooh, Talking about food, it's already the lunchtime, we move towards the cafeteria, and this is when we see a yet another side of most of them with their giggles, laughing out loud, cracking jokes.

At times we all deserve short breaks where we forget about the timelines for a while, lock the screens, and have some fun. Thanks to our HR team who comes up with innovative and engaging indoor games for recreation every week, outings, and motivational sessions now and then. Once someone came up with the idea to bring some element of self-development and confidence and the very same week there was an arrangement made and we had a pair of enthusiasts prepare for a topic and present amongst us that gives a boost and enables them to come out of the comfort zone and try out public speaking.

We're glad to say that the ones who stay back to complete their work are the ones who aren't satisfied until they accomplish what they had aimed for the day, and won't prefer to break the flow hence, they spend some time in silence, do their thing, then either doze off on the Sofa or call it a day and leave for their places. We are ecstatic to have this blooming close-knit family around. Thanks for reading all the way till here.