Onboard Infotainment System

Onboard Infotainment System


About Client

The Client is a leading “Over-the-top" Platform & Technology provider for transport operators and infotainment companies; enabling them to get ahead with profitable video services, fast to help clients build consistent high performance and enhanced end user experience Offering Firm in the converging mobile and digital landscape with it’s tailor-made solutions

The Challenge

India’s transport sector is large and diverse; it caters to the transport needs of 1.1 billion+ people. With the rise in competition, the new identity of the Bus Operator, emerging multimodality, and the focus on customer experience, all demand for the industry to equip itself with the new-age digital Solutions to harness these exciting trends. For many operators, it’s already a matter of extreme relevance for their survival and success. There is a constant need to adapt to such digital innovations to open new opportunities for brand building. In this ever-changing convergence of content, communications and technology, improving revenue and managing risk are two of the key issues faced by the Bus operators ,forward-thinking executives are developing new partnerships to provide seamless digital content solutions to their customers.

Our Solution

"It's no fun being "yet another", hence we're here to make history."

Our game-plan is to revolutionize ancillary revenue and form deeper relationships with passengers by offering them more personalized experience. To stand out though, operators joining this revolution would now be able to provide world-class Infotainment that is more beneficial than ‘pay-per-view’ avenues to their passengers. Meanwhile, data gathered as passengers interact with infotainment systems can reveal crucial insights about their preferences.

Some salient features are Location Based Advertisements, Media Streaming on demand, Music, News Highlights, and E-Book Library Access, Notifications on Next stop / Destinations, and Weather, Secure OTP based logins. It is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, which is very popular these days, watching the entertainment content of one’s device puts the user at ease, since it is more intuitive and adaptive to customer habits. Since the content is loaded from the Media box (Small Hardware in the bus that pre-downloads and maintains the dynamic content offline as and when sent from the Content Management System), our application is well integrated with the latest and efficient streaming formats, that doesn’t have a dependency on the internet.

From the centralized Content Management System(CMS), entertainment media, Latest News, Fleet Tracking for the Bus operator, Location based Ads, and much more gets seamlessly auto-synced over the internet to Media box. Apart from that it also provides insights on the Statistics of Content or Advertisement Usage, Live Bus Location tracking.

Key Results

  • More Satisfied & Returning Customer
  • Offline HD Media Streaming Solution
  • A classic “You-pay-for-what-you-get” Model
  • Seamless & Quick Content update mechanism



The CMS portal enables the Business user to create a package of Custom made licenced content on-the-fly for different Clients, and he/she can cater to the Bus Transport operator’s need, categorized based on Geography, Language, Genre, Artists, Popularity, etc.

Content Management Dashboard



Improved Passenger Experience
Increased Sales
faster Client OnBoarding
Live Fleet Tracking
Real Time Ads & Content usage Evaluation