Mobile Network Edge Security and Visibility

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Mobile Network Edge Security and Visibility
Mobile Network Security
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About the Client
Ijura is an end-device threat protection solution, a Tata Communications' Product,TCL being a Tier - 1 provider that is in the top five in five Continents, by internet routes. Tata Communications is a digital ecosystem enabler that powers today's fast-growing digital economy. The company's purpose is to deliver a New World of Communications, unleashing new growth opportunities for customers while making a positive, tangible impact on wider society.
With the ever-increasing influx of connected devices in the enterprise, the infrastructure is becoming increasingly susceptible to security breaches and vulnerabilities. Given the current landscape, it is imperative that modern enterprises adopt a novel and innovative approach to cybersecurity - one that is characterized by seamless and agentless network security measures.

Network security is essential for enterprises of all sizes and types to maintain a secure and resilient IT infrastructure, safeguard sensitive information, and protect against potential cyber threats and attacks.
The Solution
A network edge-based solution with a patented approach that enforces comprehensive security and manages visibility with native integration into the mobile network and zero trust application access.
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Prominent Features
Zero touch - Agentless Solution
Can be seamlessly enabled on any device with network provider. No complex system integration required.
In-line real time threat protection
Multi threat security for end devices, enterprise infrastructure.
Natively integrated with Service Provider
To identify and address vulnerabilities closer to the origin before data breaks out to different destinations
Increased Application visibility & control
With application/ user specific bandwidth consumption reports. Limit data usage basis consumption.
Customized policy enforcement
With web & application traffic visibility as per customer requirement + threat protection
Zero Trust application aware networking
Secure connectivity between end device & destinations keeping the traffic end-to-end private
One-view Analytical dashboard for enterprises
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