Global Trade Analytics for Commodities

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Global Trade Analytics for Commodities
Trade & Export
About the Client
NITI Aayog serves as the apex public policy think tank of the Government of India, and the nodal agency tasked with catalyzing economic development, and fostering cooperative federalism through the involvement of State Governments of India in the economic policy-making process using a bottom-up approach.
Nowadays Trade is becoming one of the largest economic factors that is impacting almost every part of the world. The biggest challenge in trading is trying to reach those parts where trade is not common. There may be lots of countries who are looking for particular commodities but traders are unaware of their needs. This causes an economical barrier for the Indian exporters.
The Solution
Data Visualization Dashboard: The first vertical has been built to visualize the exported data with various customization options. It enables the decision makers to get the insights with a single click. The visualization dashboard will show total growth by countries and states. It also facilitates the toggle of the currency between Indian rupees and USD. We can also choose an origin country/state and commodity to see the growth rate and transaction values.
Trade Recommender System: In the second vertical we have incorporated the power of AI/ML to build a recommender system. The recommender system will recommend commodities to trade for the featured countries which have not traded before. The system will identify the similar country based on their transactional characteristics and provide recommendations as a list of commodities along with names of states which have the potential to export that particular commodity. Through this system , decision makers can target those countries for the recommended commodity and also approach Indian states to export the recommended commodity to enhance their revenue at state level.
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Prominent Features
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Tech Stack
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