Know who we are?

At DIATOZ we create an environment that enables the openness and encouragement to bold new ideas and suggestions, Inspirations for new product development initiatives. In a way, it won’t be wrong to say that we are technology independent, Domain-Independent, whatever it is in the world of IT we have always picked up and challenged ourselves which today makes us proud to have expertise on Several services.   Our employees are our most precious assets, and the enriched Diversity of individual perspectives and contributions in our team are equally proportional to our success. Employee's mission, Core Values, Purpose, and opinion dictates the work culture at DIATOZ

Why Should you join?

When we choose to join a company it’s a very important question to ask yourself, ”What’s in it for me?(WIIFM)”, Does the company vision & values align with the career you would wish to pursue? 

We’ll make this decision really easy for you. Unlike the so-called “CORPORATES” in the IT World, Being in DIATOZ,  your hard work is always noticed and applauded, and if not honest and constructive feedback that helps the beginners sculpt their career in the right direction, here we also experience and cherish the diversity of cultures catering to an environment of Approachability and Openness. An Intern's inclusion in the project is as much as a senior developer that boosts up the learning curve of every individual and you can see them proving themselves wrong and doing what they never knew was possible. The best part of being at DIATOZ is one making mistakes is much encouraged than the ones not experimenting, here every day is a challenge to learn something new and constant encouragement and support to do so, and never does anyone get a no for an answer when they seek guidance.

How we work


All work and no play makes DIATOZIANS a bunch of zombies". We believe in striking a balance between work and fun, and when it comes to fun, what defines DIATOZ the best is “Work hard, Party Harder”. To keep the fun going we do a lot of Team building activities, Outings, Dining out, Indoor and outdoor games, and the list goes on and on.


We believe in empowering our team and come out of their comfort zones to unravel the whole new challenges they see as the career advances. We had taken this initiative to inculcate the “Public speaking” skill in every individual. By taking this step we couldn’t believe the overwhelming results, upon seeing a 360° change in the confidence and motivation levels of the individuals who were struggling to do an introduction on their Day 1, they were now able to engage a huge audience and amaze them with their words. This was one such example, we do a lot of sessions to help the employees grow functionally and technically.

Work with us as

FS Developer

FS Developer ( 0-1 YR)

    1. Develop and implement micro services in Node JS.
    2. Perform unit test automation, should be comfortable with working in an agile environment.
    3. Experience of working on responsive design layout, fluid layout and media queries.
    4. Contribute to enhancements, and corrections to existing Business Solutions applications codebase.
    5. Good collaborator with the team.
    6. Adapt fast and ability to learn fast.

Skill(s) required

MERN Stack.

    PHP Developer

    PHP Developer ( 0-1 YR)

      1. Good knowledge of SQL and related databases, with a preference for those with MySQL experience
      2. Excellent knowledge of the basic PHP 7 or web server exploits along with their solutions
      3. Experience building or maintaining a CMS
      4. Troubleshoot and fix any issues relating to PHP programs
      5. Utilize source debuggers and write or modify client software
      6. Produce results effectively and within the deadlines set
      7. Proficiency when it comes to code versioning tools
      8. The ability to integrate a variety of data sources and databases into a single system
      9. Proficiency when it comes to code versioning tools
      10. A detailed understanding of database design and administration
      11. Knowledge of MVC frameworks

    Key Skills

    PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, MySql, RDBMS, CodeIgniter, Laravel, WordPress, JQuery, REST API

      .Net Developer

      .Net Developer ( 0- 1 YR)

        1. C#, NodeJs.
        2. SQL, PostgreSQL, or MySQL (at least one). 
        3. AWS.
        4. Perl (or any scripting language).
        5. Git.
        6. Scala.
        7. Elasticsearch.
        8. Linux.

      Skill(s) required

      .Net, C#, SQL, Nodejs

        Java Developer

        Java Developer ( 0-1 YR)


        1. Must have working experience/strong knowledge in Java 8 or higher versions of java
        2. Should be well versed with frameworks Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Hibernate
        3. Exposure to webservices/integration technologies (RESTful API's) will add value
        4. Should have knowledge/experience of databases like MYSQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle or MongoDB
        5. Working knowledge and experience with jQuery, Ajax, JSON, CSS, HTML
        6. Good problem-solving skills
        7. Good communication
        1. Design, develop and test Java based solutions using common standards and frameworks such as Spring Boot, Restful API's, and Hibernate
        2. Debugging and resolving technical problems that arise
        B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech/MSC/Other bachelor degree
        Skill(s) required

        Java 8, Spring boot, Hibernate, MongoDB/MYSQL/PostgreSQL, STS/Eclipse/IntelliJ, Junit, AWS/Google Cloud/Azure(optional)

          iOS Developer

          iOS Developer ( 0-1 YR)

            1. Design and build applications for the iOS platform.
            2. Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
            3. Collaborate with a team to define, design, and ship new features.
            4. Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs.
            5. Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization.

          Skill(s) required

          Swift, Objective C, Cocoapod

            Android Developer

            Android Developer ( 0-1 YR)

              1. Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code
              2. Design, build and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable code.
              3. Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application following the best practices.
              4. Maintain code quality and should be proficient with DevOps / CI/CD.

            Skill(s) required

            Android, Kotlin, JAVA

              React Native Developer

              React Native ( 0-1 YR)


              1. Must have working experience/strong knowledge of React, React-Native
              2. Should be well versed with react state management libraries such as Redux, Redux thunk, Redux Persists ,etc
              3. Should have knowledge/experience of using Expo CLI and React Native CLI for developing react native application
              4. Strong proficiency in javascript and the javascript object model
              5. Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript
              6. Exposure to webservices/integration technologies (RESTful API's) will add value
              7. Good Problem-Solving skills
              8. Good communication
              1. Developing user-friendly iOS and Android apps using React Native Platform.
              2. Writing modular, reusable, maintainable, well documented code.
              3. Converting wireframe designs to mobile application.
              4. Integrating with REST APIs, while collaborating with backend developers.
              5. Monitoring ,Troubleshooting and debugging applications code.

              Skill(s) required

              React Native, React.js, Redux /Mobx, Redux thunk, Redux Persist/Realm, Expo, REST APIs

                Data Science

                Data Science ( 0-1 YR)

                  1. Must have ability to pick up and learn any cloud technology quickly
                  2. Must have full working experience in AWS S3, IAM Roles, CI/CD
                  3. Must have sound knowledge about AWS Glue operations, Redshift and Lambda functions – S3 triggers and Glue job triggers with Data Warehouses like Redshift
                  4. Design and develop python codes on glue and lambda functions incorporating Pyspark (Spark Dataframes)
                  5. Working knowledge and experience with JSON, XML
                  6. Good problem-solving skills
                  7. Good communication to collaborate with team members to give/take suggestions
                  8. Knowledge on IBM COGNOS tool for Data Visualization
                  9. Experience in project management tool like JIRA, Confluence, and BitBucket

                  Cloud & DevOps

                  Cloud & DevOps (0-1 YR)

                    1. Design and setup CI/CD pipelines for different teams and envs based on the requirements
                    2. Handle DevOps requests from other teams and work on them based on priority
                    3. Provide solutions on backups, high availability and fault tolerance setups
                    4. Provision and setup servers and deployments (cloud/on-prem) for different dev teams
                    5. User and role management on various cloud/on-prem servers and services and ensure security.
                    6. Communicate and coordinate with various departments like IT/Infra, Development, QA, Product, etc whenever required
                    7. Monitor different environments and check for any alarms and alert concerned teams and provide/propose fix ahead of time
                    8. Securing sensitive information
                    9. Research and learning in new tools and technologies and implement as required
                    10. Document different processes implemented and share with internal teams as required
                    11. Provide support in managing existing deployments
                    12. Audit/Identify unused resources and work towards decommissioning them after discussing with concerned teams

                    UI UX Designer

                    UI UX Designer ( 0- 1 YR)

                    As a UI UX Designer, you will be aligned with the DIATOZ Design Studio, a dedicated in-house team creating design, UI and visual content for the company.


                    1. Designing user interfaces and quickly iterating on multiple design solutions.
                    2. Designing interfaces for iOS, Android and Web Applications
                    3. Deliver innovative end-to-end user experience that optimise among user needs, business goals, and technologies realities across web and mobile platforms.
                    4. Understand and implement brand guidelines such as typography, colour theory etc.
                    5. Plan and conduct interviews, user surveys, card sorting, user research competitor analysis and usability tests
                    6. Design and execute studies into user behavior and attitudes
                    7. Create user stories, personas, and storyboards
                    8. Determine information architecture and create sitemaps
                    9. Create prototypes and wireframes
                    Skills and Experience
                    1. 0-1 years of work experience in relevant fields of UI UX Design.
                    2. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite such as XD, Photoshop and Illustrator.
                    3. Good Communication Skills to present your work.
                    4. Proficiency with end-to-end design process.
                    5. Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively
                    6. Business know-how: Understanding of business metrics and the ability to translate company goals and objectives into digital experiences
                    7. Fluent in user-centered design best practices
                    8. Ability to collaborate with different teams
                    9. Knowledge of industry tools: Presentation programs (Keynote, Powerpoint); UX design programs (Sketch, InVision, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Zeplin and OmniGraffle); analytics tracking tools (Google Analytics, etc.)
                    Attach links to your portfolio in your CV

                      Graphic Designer

                      Graphic Designer ( 0- 1 YR)

                      As a Graphic Designer, you will be aligned with the DIATOZ Design Studio, a dedicated in-house team creating design, UI and visual content for the company


                      1. Designing graphic content, Logos, Illustrations, Banners, Posters, Graphics, animations and videos
                      2. Creating stunning visuals, icons and graphic content which acts as an input to UI/UX designers
                      3. Understand and implement brand guidelines such as typography, colour theory etc
                      4. Creative thinking to interpret client business needs and develop concept notes for the final design
                      Skills and Experience
                      1. 0-1 years of work experience in relevant fields of graphic design
                      2. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects
                      3. Good Communication Skills to present your work
                      Attach links to your portfolio in your CV

                        Quality Automation

                        Quality Automation ( 0- 1 YR)

                        Tester with 0-3 years of experience with automated testing tools (HP UFT), preferably with OTM knowledge as this if for OTM testing.


                          1. Hands-on experience with AXE automation platform(beneficial)
                          2. Proven work experience in software quality assurance
                          3. Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes
                          4. Good Experience in vb scripting and Keyword driven framework
                          5. Hands-on experience in Jenkins integration with ALM
                          6. Hands-on experience in SQL Knowledge
                          7. Hands-on experience in DOM Scripting
                          8. Knowledge on Recovery scenarios
                          9. Selenium Webdriver & Java is added advantage
                          10. Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process
                          11. Experience working with RTC/RQM tool or HPQC
                          12. Experience with performance and/or security testing is a plus
                          13. Great interpersonal and communication skill

                          Product Manager

                          Product Manager ( 1-2 YRS)

                            1. Define the product/Project strategy and roadmap
                            2. Resource Planning and tracking the project progress
                            3. Leading the team and communicating their next steps clearly
                            4. Effort estimating and developing the budget
                            5. Preparing the necessary project documents and versioning
                            6. Managing change requests
                            7. Organizing daily scrums
                            8. Resolving dependencies externally and internally
                            9. Communicating the progress to respective stakeholders
                            10. Drive important discussions on the solutioning
                            11. Ensuring customer satisfaction
                            12. Mitigating risks

                            Human Resource

                            Human Resource ( 0- 1 YR)

                              1. Employee Attendance and Leave Management
                              2. Policy changes and broadcast
                              3. Payroll and reimbursement, pay slips
                              4. On-boarding of new hires, induction
                              5. Resignation/Off-boarding of employees 

                              Talent Acquisition

                               Talent Acquisition ( 0- 3 YRS)

                                1. Sourcing of candidates, scheduling interviews, salary negotiations
                                2. Communication of feedback
                                3. Confirmation of offer


                                Finance ( 0- 1 YR)

                                A Financial Accountant job description should highlight the following duties and responsibilities: 

                                  1. Preparing the monthly profit and loss, and balance sheet reports
                                  2. Tax reporting and inventory processing
                                  3. Collecting and analyzing data, which is then used in the preparation of weekly and monthly estimates
                                  4. Advising on estimates for project funding
                                  5. Creating KPI reports
                                  6. Preparing weekly cash flow statements, and controlling expenditure and cash flow
                                  7. Assisting with the preparation of year-end accounts and statutory accounts
                                  8. Responding to financial inquiries by gathering and interpreting data
                                  9. Conducting internal audits such as wage reviews
                                  10. Examining financial records to check for accuracy
                                  11. Managing and training staff when necessary

                                  System Administrator

                                  Senior System Administrator ( 3-4 YRS)

                                  1. Windows servers – AD, DNS, Group Policy, MS SQL, .Net, FTP
                                  2. Linux – DNS, DHCP, LDAP, SSH, Apache, MySQL, FTP, Firewall, User management
                                  3. Network – LAN, WAN, SSL VPN, NAT, L2 switching, L3 Routing, firewalls config, VLAN, Wi-Fi AP
                                  4. Cloud – AWS and Azure, VM, RDS, Storage, DNS, Vent, serverless, etc
                                  5. VMware including VLAN and Enterprise Plus features
                                  6. Experience with Cisco switching and routing
                                  7. Experience managing systems in a Windows, Mac, and Linux environments a plus
                                  8. Ability to automate routine tasks or at a minimum identify opportunities for automation efficiencies
                                  9. Experience with ISO, SOC, and other common industry standards
                                  10. Experience with HP, Dell, Lenovo Rack Server installation and configuration
                                  Good to have
                                  1. Certification and Specific experience with RHEL
                                  2. Experience supporting Hybrid cloud ecosystems