AI powered skin diseases detection: Key to Successful Medical Advancement



February 03, 2023

AI powered skin diseases detection: Key to Successful Medical Advancement


Skin diseases are very common across the world. These diseases can be caused by fungal infections, allergies to food or skin products, bacteria, and various types of viruses. The advancement of lasers and Photonics based on medical technology has enabled experts to diagnose skin diseases accurately. But the cost of such a diagnosis is still very expensive. So, image processing techniques help to build automated screening systems for dermatology at the initial stage. AI Specialists at DIATOZ have successfully created AI solutions to assist Dermatologists in classifying different skin problems and identifying skin diseases. This will help doctors to diagnose the skin issues of all patients and help them recover by providing the correct medical treatment.


To create a self-diagnosing tool for end users and provide AI assistance for doctors to improve patient engagement and enable quicker recovery.

Advantages/USP of this Solution

Technology-based detection of skin disease has the following advantages: - The proposed approach is easy, less time-consuming, and does not require expensive equipment other than a camera on your phone. - The approach works on the inputs of an image. - It can detect the severity level of the skin disease - Maintain a database of doctors who will be recommended depending on the type of skin disease detected - Improve the quality of life - Reduce health care costs by reducing unnecessary procedures - Promote greater access to high-quality skin assessment. - Dermatologists will play a critical role in the development and deployment of AI capabilities based on their use of such a tool.

Our Solution and Actionable insight:

The skin disease is first predicted followed by sharing details of possible symptoms and then mentioning preventive measures that can be taken by patients. This enables doctors to improve the screening process and detect diseases efficiently. A clear understanding of this method can help reduce physicians' concerns and promote its use in all medical centers and hospitals. Ultimately, all development and validation of AI technologies, and their approval by regulatory agencies, will lead to more adoption by dermatologists and can enhance patient care across the world.


In this digital technology era, there are still many patients around the world without access to quality dermatological care and medical support. For those patients, this kind of AI tool can surely help save lives by accurate detection and medical treatment all the time. The future belongs to AI and it's only getting better. Diatoz has some of the brightest minds innovating to get the diagnosing accuracy of AI that is going to assist a dermatologist and help the faster recovery of patients.

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