AI: Future of Infrastructure and Construction Management



February 13, 2023

AI: Future of Infrastructure and Construction Management


India's construction industry was valued at over INR 3.3 trillion in the second quarter of 2022. The construction industry is growing at a very fast rate and AI is playing a very significant role in the same. The use of AI is reducing labour costs, increasing safety and leading to improvement in the quality of a building’s design and layout. A major advantage of using AI is that it can suggest changes in usage of several construction materials or recommend designs, thereby reducing time and money. Lot of resources in form of capital, time, raw material, construction requirements are wasted and left unattended during constructions.
Hence, a smart tool that can predict as well as recommend the righteous use of the resources was required. The main aim of this AI tool developed by Diatoz Solutions is to Forecast and Recommend righteous use of these resources.

Designers and Project managers are all capable of accessing this AI technology to improve the speed and efficiency of their work at the construction site.

Use of the AI for Construction Industry: Diatoz Solution

Possible parameters for Construction work are listed below - Assess the Area of Road under construction - Determine the Number of labourers appointed - Identify the Type of Construction on the site (e.g. Renovation, Repair), New Site) - Suggest Expected deadline of completion of work - Assess and suggest Raw material requirement - Assist in Disaster Risk Management and Emergency Response - Conduct Aerial and Land Surveys on Construction Site The use of multiple linear regression on the parameters will help classify use of statistical information and then predict the certain values for explanatory variables.

Benefits of using AI in Construction

- AI can be seen as your technical assistant, helping design teams identify the most critical risk factors from a construction safety and quality perspective that need immediate attention. It can help to maximise design potential within a set of constraints, like budget or site dimensions. Fire safety exits, warning lights, emergency exits can be suggested by AI and make buildings user friendly. - It can be used as a tool to identify and analyse safety hazards at the site. Also, categorise and tag site photography, and send notifications to team leads when rules are not being properly unfollowed on the site. Thereby it contributes to disaster risk management and emergency response. It can be used to predict and mitigate risks before they impact construction projects. - It can identify high risk issues and classify them into actionable categories. It can monitor supply timelines to keep projects on track, ensure scheduling and reduce costs. - It can be used to identify high risk subcontractors based on real-time data as well as past performance of people in the business. It will go beyond traditional preventive maintenance to find out what are the hazard spots at the site. - It can identify and prioritise potential safety concerns across the project lifecycle and alert workers about dangers at the site. - It helps hiring managers to hire the skilled people for construction sites. AI tools can analyse applicants data and compare it with a detailed company record to get the right talent.

Future of AI in Construction Industry

The most common ways that AI is used in the construction industry are through computer-aided design (CAD) programmes, virtual reality, and 3D printing. It is important to note that construction is a physical job, but it also entails a lot of mental labour. So thinking about the ways to get materials from one end of a site to another or buy the correct amount of resources is very essential. AI can do that much faster and more accurately. The more funds companies invest in AI the results will be better and construction will become more efficient according to planned resources, time and costs.

The AI tool is a cost-effective solution to improve productivity, reduce human errors, and automate construction processes like resource management. It can reduce the chances of damages and disasters on the site. Construction companies can take advantage of this technology now to secure a safer future.


AI in Construction is bringing new methods that are being used by large construction firms making them more efficient through automation, data mining, use of software and design buildings. However, AI tools are too costly for smaller firms and will take more time to make its mark on the entire construction industry. Small advancements are being made that are laying the base for more change to come in the coming years. AI has real potential to boost safety and job security in the construction industry that is in need of skilled labour and keen to set a new phase for design innovation.

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