About iRestoran

    Salver is a Restaurant bot solution for ordering food online. It automates the processes of creating a restaurant with details like name, logo, address, food categories, menu items and promotions. It also maintains a customer base, and uses chatbot to automate placing orders and tracking orders, providing customer support 24×7. It can be scaled easily to include multiple restaurants, and it ensures enhanced customer satisfaction and increased productivity of the core team.

    How It Works


    Superadmin onboards restaurant to the platform with details like email ID, Restaurant name, subscription plan

    Order Dashboard

    Restaurant administrator can view the order dashboard that contains customer details like name, phone number, order date and time, items ordered with quantity, status and order amount

    Add Food Items

    Items with details like name, ingredients, description, tags, categories, promotions and suggestions can be added

    Create promotions

    Add Promotions with type and expiry date

    Order Food Online

    Customers can order food items using chatbot after enquiring about various items and verifying the price


    Why iRestoran

    Highly Scalable

    If the Restaurent expands to multiple branches they can easily scale by leveraging Salver

    Increased Customer Engagement

    Helps increase customer base with more satisfied customers

    Cuts Operation Cost

    Salver takes care of Order tracking hence reducing the efforts of operations staff

    Improved Analytics

    The restaurant owner can analyse the demand and maximize the earnings by making informed decisions

    See How it Looks!!!

    Add Restaurant

    View Items

    Add Promotion


    Orders dashboard

    View Customers


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