AI powered camera based traffic analytics platform that can help governments to control the traffic and helps in urban planning. A SaaS based traffic solution for smart cities. A deep learning based traffic analytics software service for the enterprises in the traffic analysis field. We use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to categorize and count the vehicles with its speed accurately. Feed in your video data and get back the accurately analysed results from the platform.

    How It Works

    Upload Videos

    We accept most of the formats (.mp4, .h264, .avi, and .mov). Individual cameras can be created and traffic cam videos can be uploaded to the specific videos.

    Describe Scenes

    Explain the zones and lines in the image to the platform. Adjust the time interval to start analysis.


    We use advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze the video. Our AI based computer vision platform uses GPU computing to process the video.


    Results will be generated as reports. And download the reports as spreadsheets.



    Categorized Vehicles

    Get the reports for individual types of vehicles separately. Our platform is capable of categorizing cars, vans, buses, small trucks, medium trucks and large tracks.

    Accurate Speed Detection

    Accurate video based speed estimation algorithm reduces the dependency of costly equipments.

    Automated Logging

    After processing, reports will be generated automaticallly and can be exported to spreadsheets.

    See How it Looks!!!


    Describing Scene


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