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With the growing organization size, It’s difficult to organize Employee documents and track them.Employee’s not having an interface to apply leaves and overtimes adds up to more manual efforts. Any policy changes, Holidays list revision, Reporting Structure Changes, Leave Tracking becomes difficult for HR to communicate with employees, adding up to their repetitive and mundane tasks. e2eTransuite is a Simple and robust employee management portal for companies.It comes with a wide variety of features like Paperless Onboarding,Leave Management System and Over Time,HR Master data setup for Flexibly configurable leave plans, Holidays, Events, Employee reporting Structure, Approvals tracking,Employee Skill Matrix,Viewing Upcoming Birthdays & Anniversaries notifications for Employees. Apart from this there’s a lot of flexibility possible that helps administer the tool and customize as per the company needs. Some of the benefits the product offers are Employee self service, Cost effectiveness, better collaboration within the organization, Employee skill mapping, and monitoring KPI, Improved access to information, data security and privacy.

How It Works

Paperless Onboarding

Employee fills in the onboarding details logging into the portal on the DOJ

HR Verification

HR verifies the details and onboards the employee

Apply Leaves & OTs

Employee can apply leaves & Overtimes where as the assigned manager can approve those

Extracting Reports

HR can track Leaves, Overtime, and extract reports


Why e2eTransuite

Skill Matrix Alignment

HR can search the Knowledge base to map the right employee to the skill matrix

Engaging Employee

Employees can socialize with team & stay up to date with company events

Cuts Operation Cost

Reduces the manual effort for HR to track the leaves and available balance, OTs taken,Upcoming Work anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.

Flexible Configuration's

HR Master data setup for Flexibly configurable leave plans, Holidays, Employee reporting Structure, policies and much more.

See How it Looks!!!

HR Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

Apply Leave

Approve Leave


Employee Policy


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