About Convo

Convo is a Chatbot building tool with simple user experience and powerful performance contains simple web based chat bot builder with powerful analytics feature can easily embed into websites and applications. It also enables Collection of leads generated into a separate web view for the customers. It comes with features like Intuitive Chatbot builder,seamless integration to many channels,customizable chat-window for websites,built-in user and bot Analytics,User-friendly help desk chat screen and live-chat enabled system,powerful built-in tools like ticketing system with Automatic message tagging and human assignment and integration to other help-desk softwares. It makes the most of customer support in service-desk automation and order issue management and resolution,Lead generation and customer engagement in finding customers for a business in all the channels and helping businesses to retain customers and product suggestions in personalised contents and products.

How It Works

Create a Bot

Create a bot in the chatbot dashboard and name it accordingly.

Add Intents and Entities

Add intents (phrases) in an intuitive way. Map the entities (keywords) to be extracted from the user input.

Examine the Bot

Speak and examine the chatbot in the platform and tweak the inputs. Improve the bot by speaking to it.

Export to Website

Get the embedded link from the platform and add it to the website.


Why Convo

Highly Customisable

Seamless and customizable integration to websites

Advanced NLP

Our platform abstracts the advanced NLP as simple to use components.

Powerful Built In Tools

Our platform has an inbuilt ticketing system and many other integrations are available.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics helps to monitor the progress effortlessly


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